Financial Planning Process

To connect your dreams and goals with the proper financial decisions, you need a Wealth Plan.

At Professional Financial Services, Inc., we guide our clients through the entire financial planning process. We get to know our clients so we can understand what is truly important to them. We ask questions and listen carefully, which lays the foundation for a long-term successful relationship.

We work with clients who:

  • Do want a long-term relationship with an advisor
  • Do want to trust and follow the advice of their advisor
  • Do want to engage in the planning process and understand the value of having a plan.
  • Do have a long-term perspective- not worried about timing the market.

The Financial Planning Process:

Step 1:  Discovery

Gather the facts and learn what makes you special.

We focus entirely on you, your dreams, and your challenges. During the first meeting, we will ask several questions to really understand the dreams and goals you have for the future and identify the challenges you may experience along the way. We strive to collect all the facts about your current circumstances.  We will discuss everything from your income taxes to your savings, investments, and insurance as well as the professional relationships (such as an accountant or attorney) you already have and more.

Helpful Items to bring to the meeting (click link to view list)

Budget Form (click link to view form)


Step 2:  The Wealth Plan

Creation of a Financial Wealth Plan.

Using our team of Wealth Managers, we create an analysis of your current situation and your future goals.  We show you where you are, where you might be heading and identify key “what if?” scenarios. We evaluate your current situation and offer strategies and suggestions as to how to address your goals more effectively.

Components of a Financial Wealth plan may include:

  • Retirement Planning for individuals & businesses
  • Estate Planning – with attorney.
  • Investment Portfolio Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Tax-savings strategies – with accountant*
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Financing Strategies
  • College Funding Strategies

Step 3:  Presentation

Present the Financial Plan and the Implementation Strategies.

In your next appointment, we will present your financial plan, review the results, and explain our recommendations.  We also provide an Implementation Strategy to help you achieve your goals. When you implement your Financial Plan, we will focus on helping you take the actions needed to help you move forward. Implementation is a separate and distinct service from the completion of your Financial Plan.

Step 4: Monitor

Updates and Reviews.

We help monitor your progress on an ongoing basis, through periodic reviews. Every year, there will be changes in your life, tax laws and the economic environment. Keeping your financial plan fine-tuned to these changes helps you stay on track. Subsequent reviews are separate and distinct services from the completion of each financial plan and may be subject to additional fees.

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